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Thought I could update a bit. I`m a student of journalism, helplessly in love in alpine skiing and football. I spent my time reading, writing and watching movies. My favourite drug is chocolate. Some time ago I started baking and now I can`t live without it. Just ask my friends=P

I`m always daydreaming about holidays and in my opinion I travel a lot, but not as much as I want to. My current holiday destination is Florida, but well...we shall see. I`m happy to meet new friends, but if you friend me, please say something, or I won`t add you back. Just so you know. *grins*

And I speak 5 languages and you can use either of these, though if you use French or Russian, I`ll respond in English, because I`m too lazy to type in either of said languages. Besides those I speak Slovenian and Bosnian.


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Date Created: 13.12.2007
Number of Posts: 81

Talkative. Funny. Loves summer, sun, good books, movies all kind, fan fiction, writing, football, ice skating, ski jumping, traveling, shopping, swimming, chocolate, friends. Will help if you ask. Adores Michael Ballack & Brad Pitt, Lindt & Milka. Every weekend in cinema. Addicted to various things.
Strengths: Friendly. Hard working. Romantic. Honest. Very convincing. Full on information about football, movies, books.
Weaknesses: Can be annoying sometimes. Naive. Hopeless when in bad mood. Stubborn. Addicted to chocolate & clothes.
Special Skills: Writing. Dancing. Talking. Speaks 5 languages. History. Computers. Trivial information.
Weapons: Sharp tongue. Can hit very hard. Great adaptability.
Motto: Errare humanum est.

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